The Kaleidoscope of Autism Spectrum Disorders

Those who live with and treat Autism Spectrum Disorders deal with a constantly changing kaleidoscope of developmental challenges.

FACT (Family, Adult & Child Therapies) provides a unique, affordable approach to autism care, combining leading edge treatment with a range of whole family care and support, aimed at maximizing the potential of children, teens, adults and their families to live more fulfilling lives. FACT offers:

  • Advanced Clinical Toolset Customized to Individual Needs
    • ADOS – (Autism Diagnostic Observation Scale Assessment) the gold standard of diagnosis
    • RDI – (Relationship Development Intervention) to help “lay missing pathways in the brain"
    • Cognitive Behavior Therapy – to help deal with social and anxiety disorders
  • Family Care Services
    • Individual, couples and family therapy
    • In-home parent behavior therapy training
    • Family support/social skills groups
    • Adult social effectiveness groups
    • Children and siblings groups
  • Specialized Support including a range of transition programs, independent living programs, family events, weekend, summer, and school break programs

"FACT is not a stopping point. It's a transition on the journey of life."

— William Wesley Pattison Wagnon
Emerging Leader, Young Adult Liason to FACT's Board of Directors


Are You Dealing with Autism Spectrum Disorder?


Up to 1/3 Less than other private care alternatives